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Our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems to provide a more complete understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life.

The Sport Medicine Clinic is a subset of the general PM&R Clinic with a sport medicine focus. Our sport medicine physicians hold a diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine (Dip. Sport Med) through the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM). We treat patients who are 16 years of age and older who are coping with an injury due to recreational or competitive sports activity.

Typically, patients will come to the Sport Medicine Clinic directly by referral from a family physician, specialist, or physiotherapist.

During their first appointment, patients will be seen by a sport-medicine physician to gather a complete history, review existing X-rays or imaging, and to perform a physical exam. From this consultation, patients will be given an account of the problem and a plan going forward. This may include further diagnostic investigations or a management strategy that may comprise physiotherapy, medication, injections, modified activity, or other recommendations.

This assessment takes about 45 minutes, depending on the injury. Since each appointment and treatment is highly individual, the physician will follow up as needed.

Patients should wear appropriate clothing that allows the physician to see and handle the affected body part.

Additional Information for the Referring Specialist
Please provide as much detailed information as possible in your referral. This enables our team to easily assess and triage our patients.

Please include:

  • Brief history of the injury
  • Relevant diagnostic investigations
  • A summary of treatment to date,
  • Classify the injury as a sport-related injury or ongoing pain
  • Classify the injury as acute or chronic

Locations that treat this condition


  • Alberta Health Care