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A National network of the best specialists and facilities in Canada

Proudly serving coast to coast in both languages Insurance Companies, Disability Management Providers, Government Agencies, Healthcare Organizations, and Corporate Employers of all sizes.

We provide access to objective and definitive medical assessments to help our customers manage their long- and short-term disability files and return to work strategies with confidence.

We assist in the return-to-work process by arranging ergonomic worksite assessments, physical demands analysis, and/or job coaching. We offer vocational and psycho-educational assessments to determine transferrable skills.

  • Independent Medical Assessments (IME)

  • Cognitive Abilities Evaluations (CAE)

  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

  • Functional Abilities (Capacity) Evaluations (FAE/FCE)

  • Job Coaching

  • Workplace Assessments and Solutions

  • Credentialed

    Fully Credentialed and Quality Assured

    Our providers are fully credentialed and quality assured professionals within the CompreMed Network are chosen, based on their qualifications, experience, performance, and reputation. All reports undergo CompreMed’s detailed QI process to ensure excellence.

  • Competetive Pricing-1

    Competitive Pricing

    We provide our client with a price estimate, based on the maximum fee the provider might charge for that service. Clients are billed based on the fee actually charged for the service based on file complexity.

  • Excellence

    Focus on Excellence

    Industry-leading turnaround times, quality assured reports, service level guarantees, and satisfaction surveys.

  • Customizable

    Customizable Services

    We equip our clients to better manage their cases, by providing quick access to the top healthcare professionals in Canada. We strive to provide the most accurate, objective independent examinations and consultations available.

Chronic Pain

The Silent Epidemic

Chronic pain has been called the ‘silent epidemic’; it gets very little attention despite the fact that its economic cost is greater than the cost of cancer, HIV, and heart disease combined. Given the cost of chronic pain – estimated to be $43 billion annually – it should be no surprise that its impact is far-reaching – affecting 1 in 5 Canadian adults.

NeuPath Health was formed to specifically address this large and growing issue and our mission is to provide patients with the care and tools required to live a complete and fulfilled life; to reclaim the daily life activities taken by injury or illness.

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