NeuPath Centre for Pain & Spine

Pain is sometimes invisible, but you don't have to be

HealthPointe Centre For Pain, Spine & Sport is a part of NeuPath Health Inc., and is a leader in chronic pain management. We are dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of people with pain.

What To Expect

HealthPointe Centre For Pain, Spine & Sport is an interdisciplinary pain institute providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients with complex neck and back pain, soft-tissue musculoskeletal pain and other complex soft-tissue pain conditions. At HealthPointe, we strive to educate, rehabilitate and treat clients suffering from ongoing or recurrent pain, and help them deal with the resultant psychosocial issues that affect physical, mental, and/or vocational function capacity.

  • Interdisciplinary Expertise

    Our broad range of services are backed by the expertise of a team of seasoned healthcare providers which is comprised of Physiatrists, Medication Management Physicians, Athletic Therapists, and Registered Nurses.

  • Comprehensive Services

    HealthPointe clinics offer care services that cover a wide range of injuries and issues, including health and pain assessments, chronic pain management, spinal injury treatment, sport medicine, and concussions.*

  • Team-Based Approach

    At HealthPointe, we prioritize collaborative physician-based care that allows us to partner with our patients and fellow medical providers. Our centralized office environment fosters teamwork for both diagnosis and treatment of pain.

  • Coverage For Care

    Most initial assessments and services are covered by your provincial health insurance plan. Some services are also eligible for third-party coverage and reimbursement.

*Select locations only. We only treat adults 18+. We do not treat cancer related, abdominal or pelvic pain.

Complex & Multifactorial

Chronic Pain impacts the lives of 1 of 4 Canadians every day.

Chronic pain is a complex condition driven by a number of biological, behavioural / psychological, and social factors. At HealthPointe, we aim to acknowledge the multifaceted experience of living with Chronic pain by developing tailored treatment plans that are patient-centered and developed through authentic inter-professional collaboration among our licensed healthcare providers.

Our Approach

Working with you and your primary care provider to help restore you to your best self

At HealthPointe Centre For Pain, Spine & Sport, our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems. Our healthcare team is comprised of Physiatrists, Medication Management Physicians, Athletic Therapists, and Registered Nurses. The team will assess and formulate a treatment plan that is right for you. The purpose of our treatments is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life and work.

  1. Thorough assessment and diagnosis of the cause and nature of the patient's chronic pain.
  2. Custom design of a multi-modal treatment plan.
  3. Specific and optimized medical treatments to relieve, reduce, and/or eliminate pain.
  4. Identify physical and psychological rehabilitative methods to help restore functionality.
  5. Communication with the referring physician/nurse practitioner to ensure ongoing care after discharge.