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Our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems to provide a more complete understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life.

HealthPointe’s Multi-Disciplinary Headache Clinic is a collaborative effort between our Neurology and PM&R Consult Clinics. This clinic has been designed to address patients who are experiencing components of neck pain and headaches simultaneously.

During a patient’s initial visit, he or she will be assessed by the physiatrist from a neck pain perspective and the neurologist from a primary headache disorder perspective. After the assessments, the physicians will conference and determine the best course of action, which may include further investigation, physiotherapy, neurology-based medications or interventions.

Patients will leave this appointment with a treatment plan for their family physician or HealthPointe physician(s) to enact.

Patients can expect to have a follow-up appointment, or phone call, within 3-4 months of initiating treatment.

Additional Information for the Referring Specialist
Please provide as much detailed information as possible in your referral. This enables our team to easily assess the eligibility of the patient.

Please include:

  • A general history of the patient’s symptoms, their nature, physical location, and timeline
  • What investigations has the patient had? (e.g., X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, trials of treatments, etc.)
  • Has the patient seen any other therapists, specialists, neurologists, or physiatrists before?
  • Is the patient actively seeing any specialists? Is the patient on, or has he or she been on, any medications?

Information above helps reduce the chance of multiple, parallel treatment streams occurring if the patient is currently under investigation by another physician.

Some patient referrals may be declined if the patient and family physician have not yet tried other treatments, investigations, or at least two preventative medications for several months before seeing the neurologist.


Locations that treat this condition


  • Alberta Health Care