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Our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems to provide a more complete understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life.

HealthPointe’s Medication Management Clinic is here to help patients navigate medication as a treatment for pain. They may be referred to this Clinic when already-attempted pain-management methods have failed to improve their function and quality of life.

Patients will see a physiatrist or family physician with expertise in medication management for a 30-60 minute assessment. The physician will focus on the patient’s medication, medical history, addiction risk assessment, and what his or her expectations are of a new medication management regime. Registered nurses assist with prescription refills and monitoring for the potential of addiction or drug abuse.

Our goal is to provide patients with a medication management strategy that will improve their overall quality of life by reducing their symptoms and allowing them to increase their physical activity and productivity.

After a patient starts on a HealthPointe-guided medication management strategy, Clinic physicians will ensure he or she is stabilized and their quality of life and function has improved. When those factors are confirmed, the patient will be discharged to a family physician for ongoing care.

Additional Information for Patients
Our clinic will take into consideration past medication use, effectiveness, and drug interactions while creating a plan for patients. This ensures we can better predict the effectiveness of medication options and select those we determine will best reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

The goal of the Medication Management Clinic is to reduce symptoms enough to allow an individual to become more active in an exercise program and maintain their psychological wellness.

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