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Our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems to provide a more complete understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life.

The HealthPointe Electromyography (EMG) Clinic is a diagnostic clinic for patients suffering from muscle- and nerve-related disorders such as numbness of the hands or feet, weakness, or nerve related pain. The EMG Clinic is operated by a neurologist or physiatrist certified through the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (CSCN). To access this clinic, patients must be referred by a physician or specialist.

Patients will undergo an assessment followed by a Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), which determines how well electricity moves through the nerves. Small, disc-shaped electrodes are taped to the skin and a low level of electricity is then sent through these electrodes. A computer will measure how quickly the signal passes from one electrode to another and assess the nerve and muscle function.

Based on the gathered information from the assessment and the NCS, patients may undergo a needle electromyogram study. This study uses a special needle that is placed into the muscle to measure how much electricity is generated by the muscle at rest and during active contraction. Typically, the needle may be put in several different muscles during the study.

The EMG Clinic physician will provide an interpretation of the study as well as diagnoses and further recommendations to the patient and referring physician.

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  • Alberta Health Care