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Our services are designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of complex pain and management problems to provide a more complete understanding of your problem and how it affects your everyday life.

HealthPointe’s Multi-Interdisciplinary Clinic is a comprehensive, collaborative team assessment of a patient when other interventions have failed to provide solutions. The Multi Clinic brings together an athletic therapist, a medications specialist, and a physiatrist to assess a patient with complex pain.

A patient will spend 30-40 minutes with each team member for a comprehensive assessment. A full assessment by the team can take up to three hours.

Our athletic therapist will assesses a patients’ movements: how well they move, their strength, and their function. The medications specialist reviews the pain medication, dose, and effectiveness of anything a patient may be taking. The physiatrist determines if any interventions are necessary, and also acts as the team lead who handles any follow-up sessions and recommendations to the patient.

Following the assessment, the three disciplines consult on the case and determine the next steps. Patients will be contacted by the end of the next day to book a follow-up appointment. In the follow-up session, the physiatrist will explain the cause of the pain and what the protocol will be moving forward. Review and follow-up with the athletic therapist and medications specialist will be determined on a case by case basis.

Our recommendations take into consideration cost effective, or free, community resources that address mental health support services, therapies, and general support networks.

The goal of HealthPointe’s Multi-Interdisciplinary Clinic is to provide patients with exercises and resources that empower them to feel better and eventually take control of their own lives and recovery.

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