Our Businesses

Our Businesses

NeuPath Health Inc. owns and operates a network of 14 clinics across Canada that deliver category-leading treatment for chronic pain, as well as spinal injuries, sports-related injuries, and concussions. Our blended care model combines virtual care with-in person visits.

Clinic Network


HealthPointe Centre for Pain, Spine & Sport by NeuPath

HealthPointe Medical Centre is an interdisciplinary pain institute providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients in Western Canada.


InMedic Centre for Pain & Spine

At InMedic Centre for Pain & Spine, our programs and services offer an interdisciplinary approach, complementing each other to offer the highest quality of care not just for pain but overall wellness. 

Proprietary Technology

Logo: myBeam

Self Management & Remote Patient Monitoring

myBeam by NeuPath is a mobile app that will help patients learn a better way to manage their pain.

Logo: KumoCare


KumoCare By NeuPath connects you with a licensed physician, right from the comfort and safety of your own home. It’s easy to book and free.

Corporate Health Services


Beam Employee Health & Wellness

Beam Employee Health & Wellness By NeuPath is a curated healthcare solution combining virtual and in-person personalized “pain-care pathways” focusing on MSK & other pain-related issues among employees.

Powered by KumoCare technology, the integrated care solution from a team of MDs, Specialists, and Allied Health providers offers an “opioid alternative” and is designed to decrease employee absenteeism due to MSK and pain-related injuries.



CompreMed provides access to objective and definitive medical assessments to help our customers manage their long- and short-term disability files and return to work strategies with confidence.

We assist in the return-to-work process by arranging ergonomic worksite assessments, physical demands analysis, and/or job coaching. We offer vocational and psycho-educational assessments to determine transferrable skills.

Chronic Pain impacts 1 in 4 adults in Canada & 1 in 5 adults in the US.

Costs up to $635B annually in the US & $43B in Canada • Leading cause of disability worldwide