Dr. Kim, NeuPath Centre for Pain & Spine Medical Director, on Neuropathic Pain

Some of the most common causes of neuropathic pain are diabetes, facial nerve problems, and central nervous system disorders. You can feel pain from any of the various levels of the nervous system like the peripheral nerves, the spinal cord and the brain. It is often not easy to tell the source of neuropathic pain but the pain presentation is typically one of burning or sharp, knife-like pain or electrical shocks.

At NeuPath, our goal is to provide a comprehensive Chronic Pain assessment and develop an individualized patient focused treatment plan. I’ve treated neuropathic pain for several years at NeuPath and most of my patients benefit from a treatment plan that includes the following interventions:

  • Use drugs targeting nerve excitability, these include topical creams and oral medications
  • Injections with local anesthetics to numb the areas of neuropathic pain
  • Intravenous infusion of lidocaine or ketamine in a controlled setting to reset the “nerve pain thermostat”

Patient outcomes will vary based on the individual but the best outcomes happen when the individual also addresses psychological factors, diet, and activity.