Dr. Kim, NeuPath Centre for Pain & Spine Medical Director, on Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex condition driven by a number of biological, behavioural, psychological, and social factors. At NeuPath, we aim to acknowledge the multifaceted experience of living with Chronic pain by developing patient centered tailored treatment plans. A common first visit will include a thorough assessment which includes reviewing your pain history, previous treatments, and current medications. The initial appointment is extremely helpful in developing a customized treatment plan.

I’ve been treating Chronic Pain for many years and some of the most common interventions that I recommend are:

  • Address pain tolerance and coping mechanisms, explore maladaptive behavioural patterns
  • Discuss the difference between hurt vs harm
  • Focus treatment on anatomic areas of pain, using different modalities: medications and injections where appropriate
  • Work to ensure improvement and/or stability in symptom management and functional goals

We understand that chronic pain is a complex medical problem that can have a significant effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual well- being. The main goal of a successful pain management is reduced pain but, most importantly, a return to better function and quality of life.