Dr. Kim, NeuPath Centre for Pain & Spine Medical Director, on Chronic Shoulder Pain

At NeuPath, our goal is to provide a comprehensive Chronic Pain assessment and a whole-patient focused treatment plan. I’ve treated Chronic Shoulder Pain for many years at NeuPath and many of my patients benefit from a treatment plan that includes the following interventions depending on the type of disorder:

  • General discussions on maintaining mobility and function
  • Medications focussed on reducing pain, inflammation and spasms
  • Injection-based treatments that utilize local anesthetics,, steroids and viscosupplementation by targeting the rotator cuff and the shoulder joint.

Progress amongst patients will greatly vary but after a few treatments, I hope to see a wider range of motion in the shoulder which can look very different from patient to patient. Again, patient outcomes will vary based on the individual but the best outcomes happen when the individual also addresses psychological factors, diet, and activity. At NeuPath, we work closely with our allied health partners to help our patients in their physical treatment plan.