Our approach

Partnering with you to lessen the burden of your pain.

HealthPointe clinics offer care plans designed to help patients manage their pain and optimize their quality of life. With our on-site interdisciplinary team of specialists and advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities we are able to accurately diagnose and treat clients, expediting their return to a more comfortable lifestyle in a significantly shorter period of time.

Educate. Rehabilitate. Treat.

HealthPointe Medical Centre is an interdisciplinary pain institute providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients with complex neck and back pain, soft-tissue musculoskeletal pain and other complex soft-tissue pain conditions. At HealthPointe, we strive to educate, rehabilitate and treat clients suffering from ongoing or recurrent pain, and help them deal with the resultant psychosocial issues that affect physical, mental, and/or vocational function capacity.

  1. Assess
  2. Educate
  3. Rehabilitate
  4. Treat

Multi-disciplinary Approach

As you navigate through the complexities of living with Chronic Pain, we can support and direct you to a variety of options and resources to help you mange your pain journey.

  • Family Physician

  • Psychological and Social Support

  • Allied Health Professionals

  • Local Library

  • Community Agencies

  • Educational and Support Groups

Feel empowered with your pain management

The more you self-manage, the less you rely on others. When you maximize your internal resources, you rely less on external treatments. While physicians take care of the external, the most effective treatments involve active participation from the individual. There are a surprising number of things one can do to help themselves - you have more control that you think! NeuPath will work with you to help understand the goals you wish to achieve and provide you the appropriate treatment plan that reflects this.


The path may be complex, but making progress is what counts! Results require a compassionate care team and active participation from you!