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NeuPath Centre for Pain & Spine is Canada's largest network of interdisciplinary pain centres providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients with complex neck and back pain, soft-tissue musculoskeletal pain and other complex soft-tissue pain conditions.

Shingles is a painful, blistering skin rash caused by a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. When the pain caused by shingles doesn’t go away after the rash and blisters clear up, the condition is called Postherpetic Neuralgia (Post-Shingles Neuropathic Pain). It occurs when a shingles outbreak damages the nerves. Common signs and symptoms of Postherpetic Neuralgia include
severe pain that continues for more than 1 to 3 months in the same place that the shingles occurred, even after the rash goes away burning sensation on the skin, even from the slightest pressure sensitivity to touch or temperature changes.