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Our Approach

Working With Your Patient to Help Restore Maximum Functionality

Multidisciplinary Approach

As you navigate through the complexities of living with Chronic Pain, we can support and direct you to a variety of options and resources to help you mange your pain journey.

  • Family Physician

  • Psychological and Social Support

  • Allied Health Professionals

  • Local Library

  • Community Agencies

  • Educational and Support Groups

Dr. Hawass’s 5 Steps to Success

Dr. Hawass made chronic pain management his passion after getting involved in a car accident that left him with chronic back and knee pain. He understands your pain and how it impacts your daily living. Dr. Hawass is an expert in chronic pain management. He is committed to helping people resume an active and pain-controlled lifestyle. Dr. Mark Hawass is certified in Chronic Pain Management from the Canadian Academy of Pain Management. He has more than 25 years of clinical experience. He serves as the Medical Director of NeuPath Centre For Pain and Spine – Mississauga location.

  1. Dr. Hawass believes that controlling anxiety, frustration, and boosting self-worth help reduce the pain level and intensity. This is the first milestone in the journey of chronic pain management.
  2. He works with patients to find the right anti-inflammatory food and proper hydration help reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain.
  3. He applies the principles of functional medicine to help guide the patients with their activities of daily living. This may include simple stretches, yoga, and bodyweight exercises.
  4. He is committed to finding the right combination of medications for each patient with the least side effects. His ultimate goal is to reduce pain and improve function.
  5. He offers the best and least invasive procedure available based on the patient’s pain and condition. The procedures that he performs are Nerve Blocks, Lidocaine infusion, and Botox.

How We Work With You And Your Patient

Timely Assessment of Sub-Acute Pain

The earlier a patient with pain is treated, the more likely a successful outcome will occur. Painful conditions treated within the first 1-6 months using a multimodal approach have the highest chance of full recovery. Patients with pain for more than 18 months can typically expect some reduction in pain and improvement in the quality of life, but it is unlikely their condition will be resolved. We, therefore, try to prioritize patients with sub-acute pain.

Referral or Self-Assessment

New patients interested in the specialized multidisciplinary healthcare services of our clinic may be referred through their Primary care provider, Dentist, or Allied health practitioner. We also offer a Rapid Access Program at our Toronto, Brampton, Scarborough, and London locations, allowing you to see a pain physician without a referral. 

Once triaged, the nurse will determine if appropriate treatment is available for the patient . If yes, the clinic will reach out to the patient to book an appointment. If the referral is not appropriate or out of scope, the nurse will fax the referring doctor with a reason of decline.

First Consultation

Patient will be booked for up to a 1 hour consultation where the Physician will do an examination, review the patient's history and discuss treatment options.

What To Bring To Your First Appointment

1. Your health card. Please note, you are expected to bring your health card to every appointment at NeuPath Centre For Pain and Spine.
2. A recently updated list of all the medications that you are currently taking from your pharmacy. As well, a list of medications that you have used in the past can be obtained from your pharmacist at your request. This list of medications can be extremely helpful in determining additional treatment options at the time of assessment.
3. Your referring physician or medical specialist will normally forward the required documentation and medical history required by our clinic. If you have any additional reports that your doctor may not have, please bring those to your first appointment.

Insurance & Payment

Most assessments and procedures performed by our physicians are fully covered by provincial health insurance.

Patients requiring other recommended procedures or treatments for effective rehabilitation that are not covered by the provincial system will be advised in advance. For patients without coverage, we may refer to community and online resources.

Empowering people with faster access to the care they need to manage their pain.

NeuPath will help you and your patient to quickly navigate their pain care plan and optimize their health outcomes.