TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 2021--NeuPath Health Inc. (TSXV:NPTH), (“NeuPath” or the “Company”), owner and operator of a network of clinics that deliver category-leading treatment for chronic pain, as well as spinal injuries, sports-related injuries, and concussions, today announced a strategic transaction to acquire KumoCare, a virtual care platform to further expand NeuPath’s virtual care and telemedicine offerings. Prior to the pandemic, patients and their physicians alike preferred an in-person care experience. The care model changed out of necessity in 2020 to bring about virtual care via telemedicine that was both clinically useful and economically viable. NeuPath went from no virtual care visits in 2019 to nearly 10% of all consultations in 2020 and is currently above those levels in 2021. There are numerous benefits to NeuPath from this transaction, including:
• reduced wait times with more efficient and easy access for patients and their      physicians alike;
• drives a new revenue line for NeuPath across all of NeuPath’s offerings;
• the ability to provide care beyond the physical constraints of clinic locations        and hours;
• seamless integration with health card validation and payment processing; and
• NeuPath intends to unveil additional business lines over time, powered by the    KumoCare platform.

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