Dr. Gregory Hariton has had a focussed practice in the management of chronic pain and addiction since 2006 and has been the Medical Director at NeuPath Centre For Pain & Spine, Hamilton since 2008.

His primary passion is in the assessment and concurrent management of Chronic Pain Syndromes and Substance Use Disorders, due to the significant transformation he has observed in his patients' ongoing care.

Dr. Hariton also works as a Chronic Pain and Addiction Consultant at the Credit Valley Hospital's Addiction and Concurrent Disorders Centre as well as the Michael DeGroot Pain Centre at the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre.

Dr. Hariton has had an active role in the ongoing education in chronic pain and has worked with the CPSO in the role of an Assessor for future chronic pain physicians for the past 10 years.

Dr. Hariton has a special interest in Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga in the treatment of his patients and offers weekly programs currently through HHSC.