NeuPath Health Inc. is thrilled to announce that we have welcomed Christine McIntosh, Registered Dietician to the NeuPath Health Inc. team.

Christine is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Her work with clients who live with complicated health conditions inspired her PhD study on how to motivate nutrition behaviour change. 

She has taught in university classrooms, public workshops, and health provider seminars on patient self-management of complex nutrition conditions such as pain. Christine has extensive experience in clinical nutrition assessment and counseling applied to physical rehabilitation and mental health.

She coaches people with injuries from motor vehicle accidents and patients with long-term disabilities.

She provides nutrition education and practical strategies for weight loss, anti-inflammatory diets, and optimal nutrition to reduce pain.       

How Do Patients Book? Christine is now a KumoCare Provider and patients can book, pay (services are not covered by OHIP), and have their virtual appointment through the KumoCare platform.

FREE NeuPath Patient Education Series. Christine will be offering free 30-minute virtual sessions once a month for NeuPath Patients that will assist in educating patients on how to stay on track with their nutritional health and stay motivated for personal health goals.

Tuesday October 18th at 4:00-4:30pm
Tuesday November 15 at 4:00-4:30pm

Sessions will change each month, and will include:

      • Food Styles that Reduce Pain
      • Top Tips on Anti-inflammatory Foods
      • Your Healthy Weight for Pain Management
      • Eat Well Even When Exhausted